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If you need dents removed from your vehicle in the Greater Jacksonville, FL Area, trust Professional Strategies Paintless Dent Repair for exceptional service. We provide MOBILE dent repairs for your ultimate convenience. We will come to you to make the entire process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

As your premiere paintless dent repair service provider serving Duval, St Johns, and Clay Counties, Professional Strategies PDR can restore your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition. With over ten years experience, have peace of mind knowing our certified techs guarantee our service. There’s no better day than today to make your car feel new again!


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Paintless Dent Repair Jacksonville

No Paint, Body Filler, or Carfax Report!

Why Paintless Dent Repair?
Paintless Dent Repair is a specialized technique utilizing custom tools to slowly massage the dent out of the sheet metal, and return it to its original shape. There is no sanding, grinding, filling, or painting with this process. It is meticulous, but when done properly your damage will be gone, you will preserve your original finish, and recuperate the value of your vehicle.
Will my dent come back?
No it will not! By reshaping the metal, our process can return it to its original shape. When properly repaired, the damage will be gone, and the dent will not return unless damaged again.
Are all technicians the same?
NO! Paintless dent repair is considered to be an art. Similar to a chef or tattoo artist, every technician is different. Make sure you pick the right technician to work on your vehicle.
Someone else worked on my vehicle and I am not happy. Can you fix it?
Typically, once the damage has been improperly repaired, only improvements can be made. In some cases, a conventional body shop repair will be required to properly repair the vehicle, and you no longer have your original finish.
Can all dents and dings be repaired?
Unfortunately, no. Our goal is always a perfect repair. Most small dings can be removed as if they never appeared. Larger damage must be looked at on a case by case basis. Our technicians will explain the damage and what to expect when it is finished.
What does "no drill" mean?

Some companies will creature an access hole in the vehicle in order to reach the backside of the dent with their tools instead of looking for proper methods of repair. Sometimes, they will even create these access holes without informing you, the customer. We take the time to do things properly and avoid drilling holes in the vehicle. If an access hole is absolutely necessary for the repair, or will make a significant difference in the price of the repair, you will always be informed and showed your options.

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